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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> the controversial practice, regulators are investigating a bge billing process that allows utilities to collect a fee from you even when your power goes out. that is our big story tonight. >> that has a lot of customers steamed but the pse is considering changing a policy that allows utilities to bill customers for large revenue during the first-ever power outage. david collins joins us live from downtown. >> let me set the table on this issue. during that storm, bge lost more than $600,000 in revenue. the utility tax on 49 cents customer bills to recoup the money and use it on restoration efforts. the june 29 derecho knocked out
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power to as many as 762,000 bge customers. most thought they would get a slight brake on their bill. but maryland regulators allow power companies to recoup lost billing during the first 24 hours of an outage. but only during a major event, which is defined by having as many as 100,000 customers or more without power. when the cost is spread across the customer utility based, consumers end up paying about 49 cents extra for power they never used. the fee is only applied to the first 24 hours. >> we have fixed expenses. in essence, this is about our ability to continue to reinvest in the infrastructure and whether there is a derecho, are hurricane, or anything along those lines, we still have fixed costs. >> consumers are outraged, mostly because of the principle
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of the fee. they complained about the cost of replacing food, medical expenses, and hotel rooms, for example. >> given all the costs of the customers have to pay, this is like pouring salt in their wounds. >> the bill stabilization -- the bill stabilization adjustment was intended to serve as a credit on consumer billing. one jurisdiction opposing the bill adjustment suggested bge request a waiver instead. another option, give customers a rebate when their power is out. bge contends it is providing consumers rock-bottom prices. >> no decision today, but the pse bows a ruling soon.
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>> today, republican presidential nominee mitt romney campaign in the battleground state of colorado. his advisers say he is debuting a new strategy this week, drawing a sharper contrast between himself and president obama. sally kidd is in washington with our commitment 2012 coverage. >> mitt romney has opened up an attack against the president, won the white house is calling desperate and offensive. campaigning in colorado, mitt romney blasted president obama for referring to the recent turmoil in the middle east as bombs in the road. the president made a comment on may 9. >> these are not bombs in the road. these are human lives. -- these are not bumps in the road. >> there is a certain rather
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desperate attempt to grasp at words and phrases here to find political a vantage. >> both campaigns are out with new ads, the run the ad accusing the president of not being tough on china. the obama camp released its first ad targeting romney's comments about 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes. >> may be romney should come clean on his taxes instead of attacking other people on theirs. >> he needs to break loose a segment of voters. people are not particularly enthusiastic about mitt romney as a person. he still has more negative than he does positive. >> the president is making a quick trip to new york tonight and will address the united nations general assembly there tomorrow, then it is back to
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campaign on wednesday. ravens game was full of emotion, on and off the field. less than 24 hours before their prime-time match against the patriots, wide receiver torrey smith learned of the death of his 19-year-old brother. >> it was an exhausting evening. lowell melser has fan reaction from m&t bank stadium. >> while ravens fans are happy with sunday night's win, it was an emotional roller-coaster. a horrible officiating, as some call it, and the last minute, game-winning field goal. sunday night's ravens-patriots .ame was fuelled by emotion
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>> i was excited and happy for them. i thought they were going to lose. >> is exciting because the score was close. it was really exciting it was anything but a normal game. before getting started, disturbing new saturday concerning torrey smith that his brother was killed and a motorcycle accident. he posted "i cannot believe my little brother is gone. be thankful for your loved ones and tell them you love them." he decided to play, and he put up amazing numbers, including two touchdowns. >> i am just glad i was here with my family, and i look forward to going onto the next everything. >> then there was the question of the officiating. >> terrible. it only proves that they were replacements. >> 24 penalties were called and
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bill belichick is seen grabbing at an official in frustration. >> it should not be in a position to sit on the sideline and have to tell the official what the correct call or procedure is on that particular play. >> cadre ismael says it continues to impact the game in a negative way. >> every little detail is magnified, and then to have the officiating message up, we need to get an explanation. that is the frustration. >> as far as the fans, it is being noticed, too. >> there were a number of pushing and shoving penalties that might even call that were not called. i am sure they are doing the best they can. >> the ravens will be back here in baltimore on thursday night to pace cleveland.
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lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the stabbing of an infant at a department of social services site at the hands of her own mother has prompted some changes that facilities across the state. lisa robinson joins us from the newsroom with more on the new security measures now in place. >> the eight-month-old was stabbed multiple times. >> some of the steps we have in place now would have prevented him from getting into the room in the first place and would have helped in getting healthcare quicker. >> this date is implementing changes to ensure that kind of violence that happen again. >> an addition to the security
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detail at the front of each of our doors, we have metal detectors, and every bag that comes in is checked. >> loggers have been installed for visitors to use to store their back. video service is available. >> it has been a shot in the arm for our department and increase darker reassurance. >> the secretary says the baby girl is doing ok. >> she is safe and has recovered from her physical injuries. she is in a safe and loving home. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police said an officer was forced to shoot a robbery suspect after a confrontation with a fellow officer. it all unfolded around 4:30 this
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morning in southwest baltimore, where police said that down a man who matched the description of a suspected robber. investigators say a struggle broke out when they tried to question the man. >> the suspect engaged one of the officers and pulled out a weapon. one of the back of officers saw the struggling. he withdrew his service weapon and fired at least one shot in defense of that officer. >> we are told he had to weapons in his possession, but 22- caliber handgun and a knife. but there is much more ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> new motor scooter loss for maryland will soon go into effect. that story is coming up. >> the orioles returned to town from their biggest week of the
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season so far. there is a lot to check in on, later in sports. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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>> the new laws for motor scooter operators in maryland. soon you'll have to wear a helmet and i protection. >> rob roblin has details. >> if you drive a motor scooter or moped in maryland, get ready. on october 1, new laws go into
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effect. it used to be if you wrote a ,otor scooter under 50 cc's there were few regulations you have to follow, as far as a title, being insured, and safety were concerned, now all that will be changing. >> individuals not having helmets or the proper credentials of operating motor scooters, then it -- that is what this bill addresses. >> the fine will be $110 if you choose not to wear a helmet. if you do not have a windshield or eye protection, that will be an additional $110. >> most people who bought those
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skiers did so because they were generally hassle free to operate and right. while some riders understand the need for the regulations -- >> it is a low bit more of a hassle but it makes it all even when you are comparing a motorcycle to a scooter. >> they are just making it a lot more of a hassle to have a scooter. the helmet makes sense. the eye protection, i don't know, i will have to see what i need to do about that. >> the new regulations go into effect on october 1. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures for a little cooler than normal early this morning. many areas in western maryland dropped into the 30's in some areas around here are down to
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the low 40's. ocean city, a cool 44 degrees this morning. some spots right here on the water like the naval academy in annapolis, 54. cambridge likewise at 56. in western maryland, frosty in some spots. officially at bwi marshall this morning it was below normal. 51 degrees to start the day at the airport. the average is 54. it ended up at just 68 in the afternoon, with the normal high of 75 degrees. 67 in rock hall right now, western maryland has been spending a whole day and that 50's. after that warning temperature,
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is currently 64 on the boardwalk at ocean city. beautiful, clear skies, sunsets at 7:00. from here on out, the sun will be setting before 7:00 p.m. as the days are getting shorter now. high pressure moving through tomorrow with another picture perfect fall day. get outside and soak up that son tomorrow and enjoy it. a beautiful day with temperatures just about normal for this time of year. some spotty showers tomorrow night, but of but it -- but a better chance later in the day on wednesday. we are thinking that front will clear things out briefly on sunday, perfect timing for ravens football. then the shower chance returns for the end of the week. tomorrow, a sunny day, 71-76.
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6:57 is the sun rise on tuesday morning. southerly breezes in the morning, but it will get when the later in the day. the eastern shore will have a beautiful day tomorrow. low humidity and sunny skies, a little wet on wednesday. two more really nice days on .he beasbeach chara chances return friday into the weekend, with ties staying in the 70's for the next seven days. >> nine months after a mixed bill goal in new england, the ravens are feeling super after their first regular-season win
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against their opponents. the patriots got off to a 13-0 start. joe flacco to smith, 25 thus yard touchdown reception. it makes you think that have been does love football after all. late in the half, this is one of the most athletic place you'll ever see. the 20-yard touchdown. the ravens trailed at the end of the half. danny punches it in and puts the patriots up 27-21. bring on the academy awards scriptwriters.
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it came down to the rookie kicker, justin tucker. just good enough, ravens over the patriots. it does not make up for last season, but it makes for much better start for this team. >> is really big. i think it is something every kicker will probably cherish. start this with a positive play. the first completion is always the biggest one. we were able to do that and keep it going from there. >> the patriots coach bill belichick may contact with an official after last night's game ending field goal. the officials did not give
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belive check and answer. the coaches cannot make physical contact with the referees, and bill belichick did. the orioles open their regular season with a double header this afternoon against toronto. right now they lead at 4-0 n.v. 8th. one on for the orioles, adam jones, in of the final homestand of the season, 2-0 orioles. a solo home run and now the orioles are in front, 4-0.
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it would push the orioles within a half-game of the yankees to play in minnesota later tonight.
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>> amtrak hopes to get you to
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your destination of lot faster. what is in the works this week that could lead to some big changes. changes. we'll a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. and those well grounded.
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>> 74 tomorrow, almost 80 come with scattered showers arriving on wednesday. clears out for ravens of all on thursday before the shower chances return for the weekend.
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>> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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